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Aligning People to Achieve

An organization that unifies employees and helps them contribute to the whole allows average, hard-working people to do extraordinary things. But if the organization is a disjointed, misaligned system, even passionate people working exceedingly hard will fail. Companies with strong culture-strategy fit that empower leadership at all levels to serve their stakeholders outperform other firms by over 150%.

When organization systems are not in alignment, they have a debilitating impact that creates drag on the organization’s momentum. Common symptoms of misalignment include:

• Dissatisfied customers
• Failed execution of the strategy
• Counter-productive values and cultural practices
• Turf protection and defensiveness
• Low levels of employee engagement or high turnover

Our approach is to partner with our clients to achieve strategic alignment by identifying key leverage points and changing those elements that are working at odds with the organization’s core purpose, values and strategic direction. Through a research-based, practical approach our clients are able to improve performance through achieving Strategic Execution, Cultural Alignment and Leadership Excellence.

Who is Concordia?

Concordia is the Latin word for "harmony," and literally means "with one heart." The Roman goddess Concordia was the personification of "concord," or "agreement," especially among members or classes of the state.

In our work, we strive to create unity among the diverse perspectives that operate within teams and organizations by aligning people to achieve a common purpose.

What Do Companies Need?

“Every organization needs performance in three major areas: It needs direct results; building of values and their reaffirmation; and building and developing people for tomorrow. If deprived of performance in any one of these areas, it will decay and die.” Peter F. Drucker, The Effective Executive